Billy Weisberg - Human Potential Coach

Billy Weisberg - Human Potential Coach


How did you become a Human Potential Coach?

In 2013, I sat in my office chair clinching my jaw and pounding my fist on the desk. I looked at the clock, 12:14 AM. My flagship software product, Synapse IO, upon which I was launching a new business, would not run. Nope. It wouldn’t even start. I worked 12 hours a day for 6 months, and now, out of the blue, the programs don’t run. I almost cried. Instead, I gave up and went upstairs to attempt sleep.

Staring at the ceiling, I tried to forget about my technical problems and regroup. I remembered why I had started this project. I encountered recurring problems within enterprise software design and realized other Software Engineers faced the same obstacles. I knew Synapse IO would solve some very important problems. It was a platform system that new, more reliable software could stand on. My vision was clear, but what would get my programs running? What was I missing? I drifted into sleep imagining how great business would be, eventually. I envisioned helping customers with my novel software solution.

I walked down the stairs then straight to my desk. No coffee. Nothing. Drifting between sleep and wakefulness, I pulled a clean sheet of paper from my printer and took out a pencil. I must write something before forgetting the message. One problem. I didn’t even know the message! Without reason, the pencil hit the paper. Instantly, a blueprint made in 3D wireframe flashed in my mind. For a quick moment, I remembered dreaming about technical information that I did not understand. A simple idea emerged, so I began drawing a diagram to represent it. I drew a box. Then another idea rose up. I drew another box. Another idea, and I drew a connector between the boxes. Somehow, I knew the purpose of that connector and those boxes. More boxes, more connectors. Soon, arrows were showing up and the components in the diagram had direction. The diagram flowed from me to the paper without thought. I just knew what to draw. 15 minutes later, I had a complete technical specification for a universal cloud based data messaging router. For me, this was a true eureka moment. I shocked myself. I felt like I painted the Mona Lisa in 15 minutes. The message router solved technical issues, removed showstopping frustrations, and opened a new doorway in my mind.

A cycle emerged over the next month. I progressed nicely on my project experiencing a nice productive flow. Then, out of nowhere a monster problem stopped all forward momentum. With intense focus, I attempted every possible solution I could think of. Finally, without anywhere to go, I would give up. Take the day off. Go for a walk, meditate, anything except think about technical problems. I simply daydreamed what it would be like helping people with my completed system. And sure enough, when I slept, some part of me had the solution. I could see how it all worked in my dream!

I started researching dream problem solving and quickly discovered others with experiences of their own. For example, Jack Nicklaus fixed his golf swing in a dream. In a dream, Mendeleev organized his periodic table. And, The Terminator movie, created by James Cameron, was also inspired by a dream. Totally fascinated by the phenomena, I began asking myself questions. What did I do that triggered my ability to receive answers in my dreams? Can I reverse engineer the process and understand it at a deeper level? Can I teach someone how to do it? What is possible?

Initially, I added activities to my routine that might enhance dream problem solving. In addition to my 30 minute morning meditation, I added another 30 minutes at lunch time. Because I spent so much time in an analytical an logical mindset, I suspected that left brain - right brain played a role. So, I sought to exercise my right brain. The book Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain by Betty Edwards seemed like a perfect way to do that. It was. I loved drawing the exercises and learned her perspective on the difference between left and right hemispheres. I took other actions too. For example, I started practicing Qigong consistently because of the asymmetrical motions, and juggled 3 tennis balls when thinking about program design. My dream problem solver went into high gear. Although, I ultimately found that dream activation depends on intention.

Eventually, I completed my Synapse IO software product and launched a successful software business. But, another much deeper journey began. While analyzing my own behavior to uncover the trigger for dream problem solving, I realized something profound. On one level, I am like a software system. Aren’t my behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and feelings a kind of software? What would happen if I applied my dream problem solving to myself? Can I solve my own problems and make changes in my life by tapping into this dream perspective?

YES! I broke bad habits and built new empowering habits. I healed negative emotional patterns and increased my Emotional Intelligence. I developed new skills and upgraded my social life. I experienced a complete life transformation. Surprisingly, teachers and mentors appeared in mysterious ways. Then, I became totally focused on learning how to help others make changes in their life. I wanted to learn even more about our creative powers and guide others to access theirs. So, I became a Human Potential Coach.