Creators of Theraphi Say Thanks


The creators of Theraphi - Dan Winter, Paul Harris, and Roger Green - say thanks to these amazing people.


The Theraphi's creation is thanks in part to the works of many influential people.


Benjamin Franklin

Galvani and Volta

Michael Faraday

Andre Ampere and George Ohm

M. Planck

Nikolas Tesla

Royal Raymond Rife

Georges Lakhovsky

Antoine Prioré

Dr.Thomas Bearden

Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher

William Donovan

Guy Obolensky

Alan Rhode

Dr. Alexander Gurwitsch

Martin Jones

Fritz Popp

Albert Szent-Györgi

Léon Brillouin

Buckminster Fuller

Albert Abrams

Frederick Finch Strong, M.D

George Crile

Harold Saxton Burr

Dr. Elsheik


Bill Teller

David Bohm

Eugene Mallove


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