Kelley's Theraphi Experience



Kelley says:

When I heard about the Theraphi from Billy, I was looking for a way to help a dear friend of mine.  She was very receptive and wanted to go to Denver as quickly as possible, so we did! 

When we arrived, she could barely walk and leaned on me to do so.  I helped her up the first set of stairs towards the room where the Theraphi was waiting.  She then needed to rest, so I tried the Theraphi first.  I was so excited!  Relaxing there on the table it felt so good like a shower of vibration!  As for my results, after 8 (30 minute sessions) 1 per day, I feel like my body has been reset.  Pains and concerns prior to the Theraphi were, chronic abdomen and digestive issues, pain in finger from an injury, pain in big toe (not sure why but it was severe), pain in shoulders and neck. Pain or concerns after Theraphi, no pain in abdomen or digestive issues, 50% improvement in finger, no pain in the big toe, very slight pain in the shoulders and neck (which is usually quite bad after a plane trip LOL).   

 As for my friend, her condition was more serious and life threatening.  Like I mentioned she could barely walk or get up the stairs.  After the very first day, that began to change until around day 4 she walked up the stairs without assistance and without using the handrail.  I told her she was showing off and we laughed!  Now after 8 days of Theraphi, she has more energy, a better color in her complexion and is laughing and joking a bit more like her old self.  Theraphi gave her strength and just helped her feel better.  Hopefully, we can return soon and make more strides towards her better health.


Bottom line, I'm a believer in Theraphi and Billy Weisberg, and if you have the opportunity to experience Theraphi, you, like me, may be forever grateful for it. 

Thank you Billy and Bridget for your kindness and love.

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