Richard’s Theraphi Experience


Theraphi - Richard with orbs

Richard says:


I am 67 years old. The health issues I have are asthma, diabetes type II, frozen left shoulder, and recently diagnosed with stage II esophageal cancer.

My experience with Theraphi

I spend 30 minutes a day in the Theraphi field. I am on day 23 of a 28 day session package.

What I have experienced to this date is just simply awesome. Physically, my left should is no longer frozen, and pain free. When I first started sessions it throbbed constantly and I would have to try to adjust the position of it to stop the pain, but within the first 10 days it stopped. Now it feels no different than my other shoulder.

But the real benefits I feel I have received from the plasma are both spiritual and emotional. From the first session I felt a calm positive change of my attitude. I soon found myself just consumed by a relaxed, deep, good attitude. Every day each session seemed to warp the time in a way that it just zoomed by. Each day I was having these wonderful, deep, and positive conversations with myself about my illness, how that mentally I was already healed and that the physical healing had already started. For me, receiving these plasma treatments has been so beneficial that quite frankly I cannot wait until I can again “get between the bulbs”.

Richard Hanson